Friday, October 11, 2013

Stila Eyeshadow Trios

I bought these trios a while ago but never gave much thought to the differences between them. But recently, I noticed that for some reason whenever I use these I always skip one particular trio. Therefore, after swatching all of them together I have come to the conclusion that the formula and the pigmentation is not consistent. However, all three of them come in similar coppery metallic packaging which is really nice and sturdy. The lid comes right off which may bother some people but I like it. Also, they are really easy to depot as they have a similar system as the Tarte Amazonian Clay Blushes in the sense that, there is a little hole at the bottom from where the eye shadow can be popped out using a pointed tool. 

Clockwise from bottom: Bronze Glow, Champagne Glow/ Rose Gold, Gold Glow
The first trio that I bought was champagne glow, and I was so impressed with the overall product that I bought the other two on my next trip to Sephora.

Champange Glow/ Rose Gold: This is hands down my favorite trio out of the three. It has taupe, burgundy brown and champagne shade. The three shades go very well together and are perfect for a regular day time look.  Also, the colors are really pigmented and smooth, they go on very nicely in just one swipe. If anyone wants to pick just one of these then I would highly recommend picking up this shade. However, I am really confused about its name because the one I have is labelled as Champagne Glow (which I bought from the Sephora store) while on the Sephora website, it is called Rose Gold. Did they change the name for some reason? If they did, then it doesn't really suit because there isn't a rose gold shade in it.

Gold Glow: This is my second favorite and contains gold, bronze and ivory shade. All three shades are quite shimmery with very smooth formula. The pigmentation and consistency is also really nice. This trio reminds me of holiday season and that is when I am going to use it the most. The gold shade is very similar to the UD Half Baked, if not an exact dupe. I find the Stila shade to be more of a true gold than UD. I also compared it with Gold from Lorac Pro Palette, which looks a lot more pinkish copper in front of the gold from this trio. I did take the comparison picture but accidentally deleted it, but will upload another one soon.

Bronze Glow: This is one of my least favorite in terms of both the consistency and the colors. It has rose, gold bronze and ivory shade. And I think this one should be called Rose Gold instead of the Champagne Glow. The texture of this trio is just not the same as the other two. The shadows need multiple swipes to attain the shown swatches. The first shade has a lot of fallout, the second one lacks appropriate pigmentation but is  much better than the lightest shade which is nothing more than splotchy chunky shimmer. Therefore, out of the three, this is the one trio that I would not recommend. 

Have you tried these trios? Which one is you favorite? Do you have any similar product recommendations?

Thank you for taking time to read this post, I hope you enjoyed it. Have a great day!