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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Covergirl LashBlast Mascara's

Covergirl and Loreal are my two favorite drugstore brands for mascaras. Especially, the Covergirl Lashblast is the one that I always have in my collection. Covergirl Lashblast line has around ten different varieties but today I will be talking about three of them: Volume (orange tube), Clump Crusher (green tube) and Full Lash Bloom (pink tube).

For some background information, I do not have very long, full lashes so mascara is a necessity for me.  Also, I like defined and separated lashes that look fuller but I absolutely despise the look of heavily coated and thick lashes. So, just keep that in mind as my review is based on those points.

P.S. I have issues with my camera so I couldn't take the pictures of my lashes for the comparison as it was either getting hazy or out of frame but I will add them later. I am sorry about it.

One quality that I truly love about the whole Lash Blast line is that even the non-waterproof versions do not smudge. I never buy waterproof mascara and always use one of these on my bottom lashes and it works like charm every single time. Also, these are really good at holding the curl.
Lash Blast Volume:
This is probably one of the most talked about mascara's of this line. It comes and in an orange tube and has a huge round plastic wand with tiny bristles all around. The bristles kind of tapper off towards the tip, which makes it easier to go over the tiny lashes in the inner corners of the eyes. It's wand looks very similar to the Fusion (purple tube), which I have used in the past. Fusion is targeted towards both length and volume while Volume is specifically marketed as a volumizing mascara and I personally found that the Volume version gave me more defined and fuller lashes as compared to Fusion. So, I would definitely repurchase it.

Lash Blast Clump Crusher:
It comes in a really nice vibrant green tube and has a curved brush. It has a plastic wand with smaller bristles on the edges and slightly longer in the middle. It does give nice definition to the lashes but not as much as the Lash Blast Volume. Even though, now I am used to the curved  brush but I found it a little bit odd in the beginning. Also, I really do not understand the point of having a mascara specifically targeted towards clump free lashes as none of the other Lash Blast mascara's give clumpy lashes due to the tiny closely placed bristles. So, it is not my favorite and I would probably not repurchase it.
Lash Blast Volume; Full Lash Bloom, & Clump Crusher

Lash Blast Full Lash Bloom:
It comes in a beautiful pink tube and has a slightly thinner and longer wand as compared to Volume. Also, the bristles are not as tightly packed so for me it takes a couple of extra strokes to get the desired volume. In addition, even  though there are tiny bristles on the top of the tip for inner corner lashes, but those  bristles are almost unusable because the stopper does not clean off the excess product from the tip so usually there is a lump of mascara there. Also, the main selling point behind this mascara is that even after putting it on, the lashes are soft to touch. But for me personally, that it is not a big deal unless a mascara is uncomfortable to wear or it is so dry and crunchy that it flakes off. However, with that being said, this is a nice mascara that gives me decent amount of definition but still it is not as good as the Volume, so I would probably not repurchase it.

You probably already know by now but my favorite is the Lash Blast Volume as it gives me volume and definition without clumping. Also, I use the non-waterproof version and it lasts all day without smudging, even on my lower lashes. So, I would definitely repurchase it and will always have it in my collection for my lower lashes.

What are some of your favorite mascara's?  Or do you have a holy grail mascara? I have been hearing a lot of buzz about the new Lash Blast Super Sizer, have you guys tried it? Do you think it is better than the Lash Blast Volume?

Thank you so much for taking time to read this post. Hope you have a wonderful day!